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Lene Marlin Ready for Comeback!

Article by: Lasse Jangås

In about two weeks Lene Marlins new single "You Weren't There", is ready for the radiostations. The CD "Another Day" is due in September. Rumours suggest that listners now will get more rock-style music from Lene Marlin.

Tromsø. Yesterday Lene Marlins italian fan club said that the 22 year old singer would launch a new single on the 14th of July, and that the album is due on the 22. of September.

Virgin confirms.

When we confronted Hans Olav Grøttheim at Virgin with these allegations yesterday evening, he confirmed that the single and an album is on its way, but he also stated that not all the information on the website are correct.

- The single will be aired on radiostations in many countries on the 28th of July and probably the Album will be ready in September. "We are at least working to have it out in September", Grøttheim said.

If you're going to catch Lene Marlins new release you'll have to tune into radiostations, as the single won't be avavible until after the radios recive the single.

"- No, first it is going to air on the radiostations. I don't think it will be released for sale, maybe as late as September".

Grøttheim says that the album isn't completley finished yet, but that it is in the final stages before completion now. He also confirms the posted track-list on the web site as a correct one.
"Yes, as long as the last finish of the album doesn't produce any big changes", he said.

More rock?

Grøttheim doesn't want to describe the new material on the new album.

"I think it is correct that the listeners can make up their own mind when the record is released. The record can speak for itself."

A lot suggests that Lene Marlin is walking a new musical path on the upcomming album. The producer that has been chosen for the album is the well-renown Mike Hedges, the brit that previously has worked with names like U2, Cure, Manic Street Preachers, Travis and many others.

"- He's the 80's type of guy", Grøttheim smiles.

With Hedges previous productions it isn't unlikley that he will add a sound that leans more towards rock on the new album, if one were to compare it to the old one, Playing My Game, released 1999, -sold staggering 1,7 million copies.

Recorded Live.

Another thing worth noticing is that the upcomming album Another Day, is recorded live.

"- Yes, it's been done a bit in the old fashioned way. Lene and the musicians have been together in the studio recording the songs."

Concerts and performances after the relase haven't been planed yet.

"- We have enough to do with coordinating the release of the single in Europe and in several other countries simoultaniously," says Grøttheim.

There is also an idea to release a DVD with live recordings, photo galleries, lyrics and a 15 minute documentary about the artist from Tromsø.

"- This is yet in the beginning stages, and we still don't know if it will be a reality or not", says Hans Olav Grøttheim.

Published at nordlys 10.07.2002 - 04:00, updated 09.07.2003 21:32