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Translation of article

Marlin-mania or Kurt-fever?

Article by: Lillian Bikset and Sigmund Sørensen

Translated by: Robert Hansen

On the 8th of September Kurt Nielsen is to release his debut album as a solo artist. Exactly two weeks after that, Lene Marlins long awaited second album is released.

Who will be the big seller this fall?

I hope Lene Marlin. But I think it will be Kurt. The entire "Idol"-phenomenon has grown so big. It is taking the entire country by storm like a plague, says Håkon Moslet, cheif of music at "Petre" (a norwegian radio channel with mostly young people under 40, with a big focus on music. regarded as the best in norway).
- Kurt wil dominate the fall. He is probably the most well-known man in Norway, says Audun Vinger, music journalist in the newspaper Natt&Dag (a magazine/newspaper with info for city-youth. Focus on fashion, music and other culture, local and nationwide).

Short term.

Even if Kurt will be the winner on a short-term basis, Lene Marlin will be the marathon-athlete.
- Lene Marlin has something that she want's to say. When it comes to Kurt, I guess it follows the type of artist he is, -they all have a short life. Next year there will be another Idol contest-winner, says Vinger.
- Kurt could possibly serve us another two or three singles, but I dont think he will deliver a full-featured album. Besides that, -he won't make it outside of Norway. Lene Marlin on the other hand, has the potential to be big everywhere, also with her second release, says Moslet.
- They are both big talents. If they are able to develop themselves, I think they both can be long-runners in the music business, says rockhistory-expert and journalist Willy B.

This is what the experts say


- Kurt has the best voice. It is his first identifier and biggest strength. His voice is what has made him Norways "idol". On the other hand, that is all he has got. Lenes voice is a bit weaker, but it isn't just the voice that makes an artist, says Moslet.
- Lene has the best voice. Kurt is to false, he doesn't sing from his roots. I see Kurt as an enterpreter. He is a wedding-singer, says Vinger.

The Single:

- I prefer Lenes single. Kurts single has become a huge hit, but Lenes makes a bigger impact, with its deep melancoly, says Moslet.

Stage - charm / glow:

- They have both got a glow with them, but none of them carry any glamour. They are typical norwegian, a bit grey, says Moslet.
- Kurt is a showman, while Lene has big problems with her stage performance, says Vinger.
- Lene Marlin is only a record artist, -it might help her to do some live playing, says Willy B.

Style / image:

- Kurt isn't the person you connect with the expression style. He is the boy next door, the normal person, but exactly therefore he also becomes a fresh breath in a business that is to the extreme, concerned with visuals. His artistic style is a style in itself, he's a bit tuned by professionals, but the music remains in focus. The same goes for Lene Marlin. Her hair is a trade mark, but what about the clothes ? She has a clearly defined image, she doesn't need any tuning to come out good. They have both managed to become visible within the industry, without extensive stylist help. That makes for a credible artist, says Tone Skårdal Tobiasson, editor in the fashion magazine Tique.

Media - stratergy:

Kurt Nielsen is norwegian energic happy person, while Lene Marlin is the mysterious and hard-to-define quiet type.

-They have both succeded in their branding, because the most important is to find a stratergy where the artist can breathe and be credible. Attaining mystique is what is most demanding. Greta Garbo and Jackie Kennedy could, most try to become long-forgotten within three months. Lene Marlin has shown us that she can do this, says Kjetil Try, -marketing guru. He thinks the Marlin mystique also shields her from people going tierd with her.
- Kurt is more vonerable to wear, says Try.

Published at dagblanet.no29th of July 2003 8:23