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Logo Changer is a program that allows you all this. Once installed (few seconds) it's completly automatic. Lene's pictures are zipped into a file, each one with about ten photos.


1) Download zip file with program and almost one archive of pictures.

2) Extract photos into a folder, e.g. C:\startpic

3) Open zip file with program and run logo.exe; then press install button and select folder where you have putted pictures. Installation is complete!! Now you can have a preview of pictures simply clikking on their names into the file box below buttons. When you are bored just close program.
If you want to run it again, you'll find it into the C:\ folder.

To have more details, read file readme.txt attached.

Required Win 95/98/ME.

download Logo.exe

download Lene Pack 1

download Lene Pack 2

download Lene Pack 3

download Lene Pack 4

download Lene Pack 5