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Are arriving tabs for guitar of Lene's song. At the moment it's ready the first, Unforgivable Sinner. All tabs are transcribed by Joseph Chong.

For questions about tabs, you can use Forum where Joseph will ask, since a question could be also in mind of someone else or contacting him by mail.

Read this if you're a newbie to guitars or simply curious of my linear notes
Unforgivable sinner requires at least two guitars. one basically playing the chords and the other
playing the lead parts. There are a lot of fills in this song i.e. little solo licks played by
the lead player over the chords which lene does. though it is however important to mention that
the vocals and lyrics are a vital part of this song. i tabbed the lead and rythym fills
in respects to the vocals and the chords played so look out.

firstly don't be daunted by the immensity of information here. ( i don't know
about some of the other sites esp. the EU ones who classes chords as proper tabs!).
but here's the real stuff u people out there want and you're gonna get it. simply familiarize
you're self with the song i know i did so many times in transcribing this. play the chords and
then get a buddy to play the fills and if u can get yourself a good female
vocalist - even better though i'll bet lene will kick her ass whoever it maybe.

from listening carefully it seems that all guitar parts are done on acoustics, which really
sounds excellent. the black takamine acoustic lene uses is a ef261sbl-the pic is on the site.
a bloody awesome black body with white trimmings and a 3 channel preamp built in.
wow! if i had the money it would a wise investment for a musician, even though i
transcribed this on an electric (ibanez grx40) :-(
if any of you out there thinks that there should be alterations to the tabs of the song
or need help feel free to contact me at Daniele Briccola's site. thanks

hhhmmmm how do they say it in french.....
Buena petite!

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Unforgivable Sinner