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is the city where Lene lived up last year when she moved to Oslo, due to be nearer to Virgin's studies.

This city is located in the extreme north of Norway, at 69° of latitude, more than artic polar circle. The city is divided by sea, and it's united by an height bridge that, with the white cathedral, makes the symbol of city.

Tromsø was in the beginning a base for mission of polar exploration; From here you can start seeing sun at midnight. Indeed in the maximum there are 23 hours of lighting (and darkness) each day. Lene says is due to this climate that she can write her songs, in fact during winter you have to remain at home, so you have to find something to do.

Do you want see Tromsø now? Click on images to go into pages of webcams of other sites. Here you can find a lot of information about the city.