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The second single of album Another Day will be Another Day and should be release at the end of november in Europe.


Translated an article from


Translated an article from


As you can see in the site of Virgin Italy:

Album release: 19 september
Title: Another Day
Will be release also a DVD with bonus track, photo gallery, lyrics and a documentary of 15 minutes.


The news about Lene comeback appared on the 5th of January on the norvegian site of Virgin. They decided to release in USA album Playing My Game, probably with some new tracks. They spoke also about some last change to new tracks of new album.
Playing My Game sold up now 1,8 milions of copies.


Lene has received some money in advice for her new album, even if anything has been recorded yet. It has been said material for her new album is good as much as the one for the first album.


Lene was nominated as "International Newcomer" at Brit Awards 2001. This is the most important musical show of the year in UK. Winners are choosen by a jury.

Are spent many months from the last time Lene was at tv or has released an interview. She is taking a long vacation after the hard work of promoting her album in all the world, lasted about one year. She have to use this pause also for think about her now status of international star. Her album sold more than 1,5 milions of copies.


Lene has been nominated at NRJ Awards in Cannes (France). This awards is similar to MTV Music Awards due it's assigned in base of votes and not with a jury. Awards will be given on 21 January.


Lene wrote 2 songs witch were inserted in the last album of Sissel Kyrkjebø, a norwegian singer. The album was released in Norway last november. Both Sissel and Lene have the same producer. (read lyrics).

The release of third single in UK (Where I'm Headed) it's push back to 1st genuary 2001.


Fixed the release date for the third single in UK (Where I'm Headed): 11 December 2000.


Change again the release date of new Lene's album: now it's summer 2001.


Lene didn't win the award at Hit Awards edition 2000 witch has been shown at Spektrum in Oslo on saturday 16 September. Although she had received the nomination, her chances of winning were very low, due to her album was released in Norway almost two years ago...
She didn't take part to the show, so we cannot know if she came back to her original look.


Lene has received a nomination for best female norwegian artist at Hit Awards edit. 2000. It'll be shown as usually at Spektrum in Oslo. This is a very prestigeous result for Lene, her success in Norway continue from two years!

"Unforgivable Sinner" single is this week at 13rd position in UK chart.


This week Lene is in Holland to promote her album.

Some journalists speak about an unconfirmed new that Lene should have bought about 5 months ago a private plane. It should be a Beechjet 400A and its cost is about 153,000 US$.


An other adjournment for release date of new single in UK. Now should be expected for septembre...
This song should be used as part of sound track for a UK maden film: "Maybe Baby".

Someone tells Lene will record video of her first single of the second album in dicember. Besides, other informations say that Lene should have just written five songs for the third album! We are waiting so long for the second...


Arrived an official belie about concert that would'll be in Tromsø for closing of album "Playing My Game".

Date of the UK's release of second single "Unforgivable Sinner" has been changed again: now should be 28 August. We hope this time it'll have more success than first time last year. Now it follows the success maden by the first single "Sitting Down Here" and the album.


Yesterday Lene come back to Tromsø from England, where she spent 15 days of holiday, for her birthday party with her parents and friends. Today and tomorrow will be in Oslo for a smaller party with people that helped her making album.


On 4 October 2000 will be a concert in Tromsø for the closing of album "Playing My Game".
Ticket costs about 25$.


Changed the date of UK's release for the second single from album: "Unforgivable Sinner". New date should be 14 august.
It's also ready video (watch) where you can see Lene with new hair cut and color: dark brown!! What do you think? Go into forum for pool.